BUFFALO ROAM SANCTUARY (www.buffaloroam.net)


Buffalo Roam Sanctuary is a privately owned exotic and native wildlife sanctuary located in Sequin Texas. The residents of Buffalo Roam no longer worry about being exploited, hunted, mistreated or malnourished. Currently tigers, lions, wolf, bears, cougars, bobcats, serval, numerous African, Asian and North American Hoofstock, emu, ostrich and dozens of potbellied pigs call Buffalo Roam home.

Featured to the right, above is Beebe, the resident Buffalo, also known as an American Bison. When she first arrived, she was almost blind due to cataracts. Now that the cataracts have been removed, she is able to see and is doing just fine.

Omar Khadafy is a Dromedary Camel. When arriving at the sanctuary he was only able to walk on his front knees. When he did not get any better, surgery was done to sever his nerves. He is now doing fine. Now he has to be kept on sand so he does not develop abcesses and infections in the pads on his feet.


Arrell is an African Lion who was owned by the circus and was taken to a vet to be declawed, where they abandoned him. The vet called a gentlemen from Texarkana Texas who adopted Arrell. Due to health problems, he was forced to give up his big cats.


Sampson is a Siberian Tiger who was also owned by the same gentlemen that owned Arrell. He has the temperament of a domestic tabby.


BooHoo and Perisiso are Texas Black Bear Hybrids. Their antics are always making everyone laugh. Their diet consists of watermelon, blue berries, cantaloupes, red grapes, bear chow, fish, beef, powdered donuts and they are particularly fond of girl scout cookies


Sheeno is a South American Cougar that came in as a one year old spayed female named Sheena. When she was checked out, it was determined that she was a one year old neutered male. Her name then became She No Girl or Sheeno.


Chuffy was born on 6/19/99 at the sanctuary. Her mother did not seem to know what to do with her, so she was hand raised. Her primary playmates while growing up were a couple of Great Pyrenees.


Computer Paper
Smoke Detector
9 Volt Batteries
Tab File Folders
Water Fire Extinguisher
5lb ABC Fire Extinguisher

All Photos are here with the approval of Judy Savage.